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(ARC) Book review: Shadow Frost

Hey all! Since my last post, I said I might be able to keep up with a blogging schedule.. Guess what happened ^^; In all honesty, I planned on it, but it took me like half an hour to write three lines so it was a bit difficult. And then on Wednesday night, the kid… Continue reading (ARC) Book review: Shadow Frost

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(ARC) Book review: 806

Hello! Today I bring you, 806! A book about siblings bonding on the search for their biological dad. I am thinking about posting on Monday and Friday, since I have... 18 reviews written and ready to be posted already. Which gives me 9 weeks to write the 9 reviews of books that I've also read in… Continue reading (ARC) Book review: 806

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(ARC) Book review: Geekerella

Hey all! I'm back with a book review this time, and I'm really excited to share this one with you! I heard about Geekerella a while ago, and I immediately felt the need to read this book. When I got approved for an ARC I was really honored wanted to start reading right away. Sadly,… Continue reading (ARC) Book review: Geekerella

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(ARC) book review: Rose Petal Graves

It's been a long time, but I'm back on track (kinda)! I managed to (finally) finish Rose Petal Graves, and not finally because the book was so horrible (it absolutely wasn't), but because I only had the e-book version. And I can honestly admit that I do not like reading from a screen. However, I… Continue reading (ARC) book review: Rose Petal Graves

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April TBR

Heya all! It's a new month again, which means it's time to have a more specific TBR. Let's hope I stick to it this time 🙂 ARC's TBR - I requested a lot of ARC's in February, and then suddenly I got my own apartment, which means I had a lot less time to read… Continue reading April TBR