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Fun For Friday: 11-22-2019

Hi all! Officially, I’m a day late with this, but I think there are some countries where it’s still Friday πŸ˜‰

So, I started this “meme” with the idea to have a weekly post about my weekend plans, and made it to posting a whole… one week xD But here I am again (on Saturday) with a second try! Read the first one here!

In this post, I’ll share with you what I’ve been reading, watching, playing and doing in the past week, what I’m hoping to do in the upcoming weekend, and I’m hoping to interact with you all, because I’d love to know what you’re doing as well!

Right now, I’m sitting in a restaurant with my boyfriend, working on school, of course, and waiting for the kid to be done with his (4-hours-long…) activity. I brought my laptop to work on school, and my boyfriend is prepping his next DnD session πŸ™‚


What I’ve been….


I finished Five Dark Fates, which I talked about in my previous FFF-post,and I loved it to bits! There were so many unexpected things happening and so many characters I’ve loved throughout the series, and I hope to review the whole series soon!

I also started reading This Mortal Coil, and finished it. I am almost done with This Cruel Design as well, but I wanted to read the last 100 or-so pages yesterday and just kept falling asleep! Not because the book is boring, absolutely not, but this week has tired me so much, I couldn’t keep my eyes open 😦 Both of these books are really amazing, and I’m eagerly waiting for the last book in the series.

I also brought with me A Closed and Common Orbit, because that’s the next book I wanted to read, and I thought I’d have finished This Cruel Design last night ^^;



Well, this is a short list, because since the last post, I haven’t watched anything new ^^; We heart that Stephen Fry will feature in Doctor Who though, so we miight need to catch up soon! There was another series he wanted to show me, but I forgot the name haha


Also, quite short, and basically the same as last post! Since the new semester has only begun this week, and I had only one class on Monday, we decided to play the game we originally wanted to play in the weekend: Keyforge: Age of Ascension. I haven’t played a lot on my laptop past weeks, so that’s easy haha


School of course, what else is there to do..? Nah, in all seriousness, last semester ended a week ago, and I have one grade yet to get, but I passed all my other exams so far πŸ˜€ Our project worked well enough as well, and if the internet is nice to me, I might even be able to upload the video here. [Edit: I tried, but I have to get premium to be able to play videos so.. I’ll upload it on Youtube and put the link online!]


I can upload an image, and our project was to build a robot that could pick up the puzzle pieces, and place it in the box correctly πŸ™‚ It meant researching, building, connecting, wiring, coding and endless, endless testing and trial-and-errorring but in the end it worked!

This semester, we have to work on the same project, and basically expand it and add new features. It requires a camera now, that we’ll have to connect to the PLC and somehow have the images from the camera convert to code that the PLC can work with to send signal to the servomotors to move, so our robot can go to the place it needs. All in all, a process that will take up quite some thought&time and might be easier to explain once I can show my video!

Upcoming weekend!

Well, technically this weekend, but still. We’re here at the restaurant, and after that, we’ll go home and probably work on the Sinterklaas surprises for a bit (very Dutch thing to do), and tomorrow, we don’t have any plans as far as I know. I do want to work a bit in the weekend, because my code for an assignment next week is almost working and I really want it to work completely.

How did your week look like? What plans do you have for the upcoming weekend? What are you reading this week? Let me know!

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Fun for Friday (20 Sept 19)

Hi all! I thought it would be fun to try this out, and I’ve looked online but as far as I could find, the name of this tag/meme doesn’t specifically exist yet. However, if I got it wrong, and it did already exist, please let me know because I don’t mean to steal original ideas!!

I know the idea of these posts have been done before, but most of those come on specific days, and some of those just.. don’t match my schedule at all 😦 So, why not make it myself? And here we are!

In this post, I’ll share with you what I’ve been reading, watching, playing and doing in the past week, what I’m hoping to do in the upcoming weekend, and I’m hoping to interact with you all, because I’d love to know what you’re doing as well!

What I’ve been….


For the preparation of Five Dark Fates (which is coming my way soon!! Eek!!! I’m so excited!) I’m rereading the series. I want to enjoy the last book in this amazing series to the fullest, and since I’ve only read it last year, sometime before Two Dark Reigns came out, it’s time to refresh my memory! I sped through Three Dark Crowns, and read One Dark Throne, but thanks to school starting, I’m not going so fast.. 😦 So I’m currently still reading Two Dark Reigns, slowly making my way to the last book, which I both want and don’t want..


Besides the always-on-during-dinner when the kid’s not here Brooklyn Nine-Nine (ah, so good ❀ I’ve watched it like 5 times now and still love it so much. We recently got season 6 so finally watching that too! I’ve also started watching Merlin sometime during the last week of summer break and I’m really enjoying it! The special effects are very early-2000’s-like, but the story evolves really well!


We’ve also watched Spiderman: Far From Home during summer break, and it was amazing. I might start watching and reviewing Marvel movies, as I’ve wanted to since… well, a long time ago ^^; but I’d have to rewatch them all and well.. time xD


We bought the Keyforge: Age of Ascension game a while ago, and it has all the elements that Magic: The Gathering didn’t have, so we’re definitely loving that one! I’ve also been playing Divinity: Original Sin I & IIΒ (link goes to Divinity II) on my laptop, and I love those games. They’re fantasy RPG games, and the choices you make (like accidentally killing someone #oops) actually change the story you’re playing! The graphic are well, not as good as say The Witcher III but also really not bad! It’s also turn-based, which is one of my most-loved elements of video games haha.



Well, school’s started so I’ve been mostly doing homework again, not surprising at all. But, last year I had at least one monthly breakdown and I’ve cried multiple times each month as well, and I’ve been under so much pressure (99% from myself, no worries) and stress that the first few weeks of summer break were just.. staring and not-believing that I was done. And, I realized I had exactly zero (0) hobbies left and hated it. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t have any motivation for anything, and it sucked balls.

Luckily, I did read a lot of books, went on some super nice vacations, but I just don’t wanna turn into that person again. So, this year I’m trying to do most of my homework during the week and keep most of the weekend free for family-time.

So far, it’s difficult, but going alright-ish. I’ve been mostly having free time in the weekends, and only did homework in the evening sometimes and when I was home alone, so there’s that.

Upcoming weekend!

This weekend, we want to visit my mom, and Sunday, we always go to my boyfriend’s parents (who live just above us in the flat), and other than that, nothing. Last weekend has been really busy with going away and everything, so we’re hoping this weekend will be nice and calm.

How did your week look like? What plans do you have for the upcoming weekend? What are you reading this week?

Let me know all! I hope to finally begin Five Dark Fates (and probably lose a night’s sleep on it ^^; ), did anyone read it yet? I’m looking forward to your thoughts on it!

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I got my HBO propedeuse (good news, updates and upcoming posts)

Hi everyone!

I’ve got some good news for you! As you might know, I’ve been going to college this last year and I’ve now finally completed the first year!

The Dutch School System is quite difficult to explain as I have no idea how it works in other countries and how much things are in common with other school systems so I’ll just do a short explanation, and put a link to a longer explanation if you’re interested here.

In short: I got my HBO propedeuse!

Which means, I got all my 60 points, and I can continue the second year without any problems. There’s a chance to do the courses again next year so I wouldn’t have been in trouble, but I’d have to do all the courses next year AND the one’s I’ll have to redo. But luckily, I won’t have to πŸ™‚


I’ll probably pick up my diploma paper next September, but I’m just quite proud of having this achieved. I didn’t think I’d get this far, let alone going though the whole year! Now of course I’ll have to go through another three years but at least I’ve got this here πŸ™‚

In case you might not know this, here in the Netherlands we’ve got this tradition, when you graduate High School, you hang the Dutch flag with your school bag, and it’s actually quite a cute tradition because usually around these months you can just go around and see flags hanging, makes me happy. However, when I graduated High School like.. 4 years ago? I still lived at home, and neither one of my parents actually had a flag, so I didn’t get to do that. Now, I’ve got this small achievement and my boyfriend had asked me before if he could hang the flag when I got my propedeuse so I said sure he could. And here, he got me the most fitting flag of all ❀


What does that mean for the blog?

Weeellll I HOPE to finally have a regular blogging schedule now that it’s summer break. I have quite a few posts ready to go up, and quite a few more to write as well! Now that school’s done for the year I have time for reading again so that’s awesome. I’ve got a big-ass TBR and I’m very excited to read all the books!

I got quite some books in the past year, and I’m already reading two of them right now πŸ™‚

20190716_193447 (1)

I’m currently reorganizing my bookshelves and it’s a hell of a job to do but I’m hoping to finish it by the end of this week. I am definitely on a buying ban now, because if I would be counting I think about 80% percent is unread and another 10% is books I want to read again, sooo yeah.

Upcoming posts I want to publish

I have a LOT of ideas, but when do ideas ever turn into actual posts with me…? good question ^^; However, I do have ideas that I want to share with you guys because MAYBE I will finally be able to actually keep up with my promise this way haha!

  • Two Be Reading: my boyfriend and I made a TBR for each other a while ago (oops it’sΒ long ago, for more information: see this post here)
  • Mid-year Book freakout: so far, I’m not tagged and I haven’t read a lot of books yet so I’ll see if I’m even able to do this post, but I always like to see my progress πŸ™‚
  • On The Horizon: I want to blog more about upcoming books! I don’t have a lot of approved ARCs but then again, I don’t have to have the ARC to know that I’m excited for Five Dark Fates, or Supernova, so I hope to feature more upcoming books in posts!
  • Series I started (sometimes more than once) but never read the latest book: a while ago, I wrote some down for myself and found out that there are A LOT of these.. shameful, I know, but it did give me a new post idea so there’s that ^^;
  • Bookish Tags: I don’t get tagged a lot, and I haven’t been super active (read: not at all), but I can do Tags without being tagged! I have a few tags with really fun questions ready to answer and post so I hope to post some of those soon!
  • Average books with terrific plots (or the other way around): This is something I saw a while ago while blog-hopping, and I will definitely look up the original creator and credit them when I write the post but this sounded like an awesome topic to post about
  • Boardgames: I want to feature boardgames on the blog as well. I am a big fan of games, boardgame and videogame, and I’d like to share some thoughts on those along with my bookish love. I don’t know if anyone will be interested in those posts, but then again, I’m trying to blog about what I like rather than what I think everyone else will like.. and it’s difficult, but I’ll keep trying!

And there’s probably more I’m forgetting right now, but those are on the main list. If you have any fun ideas or anything you’d like to see me blog about, don’t hesitate to tell me! ❀


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February wrap-up & Beyond the Books

Hey all! Sorry for not posting, I meant to schedule some posts but I was incredibly busy this month. I’ll tell you all what happened πŸ™‚

I had a great day celebrating my dad’s and boyfriend’s parents

My dad’s birthday is on January 12th, his mom’s on January 13th and his dad’s on January 15th. So, to celebrate, we thought we’d take them to the Escher museum in The Hague. It was a lovely day, and the museum was really beautiful. I found a gift for my mom’s birthday (my parents are divorced so I didn’t take them both but I know she likes Escher as well), and then back home we cooked and ate, and had a great time. We all had a great day and I’m glad to see our parents going along so well with each other πŸ™‚

The new semester began, and college life is as busy as always 😦

Hurray! Our year is split in two semesters, like most people. One semester has two kind of “blocks” with 10 weeks each. Well, the first week of February, the 2nd semester started, which meant only the people who really wanna finish this studies are left. If you stop college before March 1st, you get half of your money back, so we are left with about 50 out of 130 people. Yay..?

It was really busy again, and the classes are getting more difficult. I have to work really hard as always and it’s still not getting easier to keep caught up with all my homework. However, I’m still trying my best, and working with my doctor and coach on ADHD medication to find the dose that works for me πŸ™‚

Besides that, college is taking quite the toll on me and I ended up in one of my worst moods yet. I cried a lot, noticed that I was arguing more and less at the same time (as in, getting upset but not telling my boyfriend why and then being more upset because he wasn’t being supportive because he literally didn’t know), and overall it hadn’t been the best few weeks.

Next to those things I wanted to finish the project I’m working on before the deadline and some of my teammates didn’t deliver their work on time so I was just waiting for that and then on Friday, 2 hours before the deadline, I decided I wasn’t gonna wait any more so I worked for the full 2 hours on my part, and it all stressed me out a lot.

I was ready for a vacation, and a long one at that. I only got a week off, but luckily, it worked out well and I’m (kind of) ready to get back!

I went on vacation with my in-laws!!

As for good news, the last week of February (the week I didn’t post at all), I was on vacation. I finally had time to come along, as I was invited last year to come along to England, 3 weeks before they actually went.. yeah, not enough time to ask off with work xD In October, they had a nice vacation home too, but I was away with my dad the whole week, so this time I could finally go! It was really busy, we were with 8 adults and 3 kids (8, 5 and 3 years old), all in one house. It meant getting woken up at 7am by the kids playing and making a lot of noise in the living room, it meant a lot of people together always, it meant a lot of business, and tiredly hanging on the couch every night when the kids had gone to bed, but it also meant a great week, lovely views, walks, museums and a lot of good things.

It was amazing to be with my family, to be accepted so well, and to fit in this well ❀ I loved doing the things together, and taking the kids to lovely things. We went to a bookstore, the woods, and some museums that were really nice. I didn’t have any wifi, hence the not posting for a week, and I didn’t have the energy either, if I’m honest ^^; kids are really nice but so tiring haha

We booked our vacation for the summer holiday!!

My boyfriend has been wanting to take me to the Lake District for so long, and as I’ve said before, last year I was actually invited but I couldn’t ask a week off on such short notice considering I worked 50hours a week. So last year, we’ve started to save a little each month and now we finally booked our entire vacation! After a lot of evenings of searching and debating and comparing, we have a cottage in the Lake District for a week and a tiny apartment thing for another three days in Edinburgh. The homes are confirmed, and the plane tickets are booked as well, and I’m really looking forward to going to the second home of my boyfriend, as he always calls it ❀

Other good things!!!

The kid had his last judo exam before stopping his judo classes, and I still miss it every time I come along. He did the best he could and ended it well πŸ™‚

It was also Valentine’s day and my boyfriend got me two cards, one on my nightstand (that I didn’t notice until he pointed it out), and one hidden in my bag for school. He also gifted me a clock because I’ve been saying I want a clock in the living room for FOREVER and he got me a clock with the hannibal clock as background (because that’s what we first watched together aww❀). I didn’t have time to get a card and I had a great idea for a gift but it didn’t work out, sadly, so I’ll just get him extra things for his birthday! (sweetheart, I know you’re reading this, and yes, you’re getting extra things, no discussion)

As for books…

As said before, I went to some bookstores, and one of them was recommended to me by Annemieke, I think ^^; and it was beautiful ❀ It had been on my list for a while and I’m glad to finally have been there. In Zwolle, there’s a bookstore that’s placed inside an old church, and being raised Christian, this was an amazing place to be. I had the urge to whisper, old habits never die πŸ˜‰ and I took some pictures, but mostly just gawked at the books and church ^^; There’s also a tiny restaurant where you can get lunch (not sure about dinner, since we only got lunch), with a view on the whole store, as pictured. It was beautiful, and I’m glad to have been there πŸ™‚





Last Friday, we had to leave the vacation home by 10am and me and my boyfriend went to Nijmegen for the rest of the day to end the week well. We went to the boardgamestore, bought some games, went to the bookstore, bought some books, and ate together in a lovely restaurant. The day was really nice and I’m glad to have been there again πŸ™‚

On Sunday, we went to the American Bookcenter in The Hague, our homestore ❀ They just had their trade-in day and I bought quite a few books, so we could go for it! In the end, we bought 14 books together, and that’s quite the haul ^^; I am not allowed to spend a lot more for the next month at least xD


My haul from the vacation πŸ™‚ a few dice, two games (Dungeon Mayhem and Tantrix) and two very lovely pencils.

I also got some books from other stores, and here’s all of them that I recently bought:


I now have the problem of fitting them on my shelves, which is quite a problem ^^; I need to re-organize but I have no idea how I want everything, so please help me out on either my Instagram stories or Twitter to vote for a nice layout!!

I bought some first parts of series (The Wrath and the Dawn, Nevernight, Nevermoor) and I bought some books to finish or almost finish series (War Storm, On The Come Up, Legendary, The Outcast, The Empress) and I’m very happy to say I finally found some nice priced editions of Sullivan’s books! They usually cost about 16 to 18 bucks per book and for that price, I can buy 2 other books 😦

I’m also trying some new “children’s books” like Nevermoor and The Wild Folk. I absolutely adored The Girl Who Drank the Moon and I loved the Ranger’s Apprentice seried back when I was young. Sometimes I just need a simple tale of kids being on an adventure πŸ™‚

Other than that, my preorders of Legendary, War Storm and Four Dead Queens came in and I’m glad to say that the first two indeed match the other books in the series (I’ve only been waiting 280 days for both books, when all the other editions had been out for weeks πŸ˜…) I’m very keen on getting matching books xD as goes for Defy The Stars, a book I’ve been wanting to read for quite a bit but my local store had the big edition of the first book and this edition of the second so when I found this edition of the first in Zwolle I immediately bought it!

As for reading, I only read two books this month, one was Alice by Christina Henry, which wasn’t really my thing, and Rite of Passage, a Supernatural book that I quite liked! It made me miss the TV series though, which I stopped watching a few years ago. I am also halfway through The Mechanical and I’m definitely liking that one! Reviews for these books will be up later of course πŸ™‚

What did you all do in February? What did you read and buy? Do you have insight on how to organize my shelves??? Tell me in the comments!

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January wrap-up & Beyond The Books

Hi all! Today’s Friday and we’re actually already a week into February, but I haven’t really had time to post yet. So, here it is, my wrap-up and all the other things I’ve done in January! This post is a bit late since I usually post in the morning (this timezone at least), but it’s been a hell of a day and I’ll be happy if I can go to bed tonight.

I got ill

Well, let’s start with the best, shall we? On New Year’s Eve (at 3am, after the celebrations), I got sick and I’ve been sick for the whole month. I stayed in bed for two weeks, feeling miserable, and then I had a week of exams. Since I couldn’t really study when I was sick, I didn’t expect to pass any of them, but surprisingly enough I passed all but two! Now, at my college, you have a second chance for every exam you take, so after that week, I passed all of them. I also lost my voice for an entire week, and at the moment, it’s gone again and I just keep wondering why it’s coming back, I’m sleeping, I’m eating fruits and vegetables, and I don’t do anything extremely unhealthy, as far as I know. But I’ll see.

But I read books!

And I actually read 4 books, which might not seem like a lot but it’s quite the bit considering my illness and studying xD

The first two were books that I chose myself and the last two are chosen by my boyfriend, which I’ll tell you later about. Alice In Wonderland is this beautiful edition that I got for my birthday!

I turned 21!

Yes. I feel very adult (haha absolutely not). For my birthday, I got a lot of presents, mostly including things for books or baking, my family knows me well xD From my boyfriend, I got this super awesome book box. Best thing about it: it’s handmade! He said he wanted to order me one, because he heard me talking about them, but he wasn’t sure if I already had the book inside, and besides, shipping costs to the Netherlands are A LOT. So, instead, he made me my own, and I love it so much!

Isn’t it the most awesome thing you’ve seen? it’s got cute jewelry, and temporary tattoos, and a teaholder in the shape of a book and it’s all so awesome! ❀ On the right, there’s my birthday presents that I got from everyone.


I bought books?Β 

books bought january.jpg

As far as I remember (I’m terrible at this), these are the only ones I actually bought! Now, being sick doesn’t help, I know, but I’m quite disappointed in this haha.


I moved in with my boyfriend!!

On January 5th, I officially moved in with my boyfriend. After almost a year of being in one house on the weekends and in my apartment during the week (because of school), and being not sure which books to take where to, and sometimes it was easier to be in the other place, and mostly it was a lot of extra travel and worries that I didn’t need. So, I moved in with my boyfriend, and it has been a stressful day, but in the end, everything got here okay πŸ™‚ All my books are in one place, I have my desk in the office that we specifically made to study, and all is going well πŸ™‚


Two Be Reading

A new thing I want to show you guys is the new thing on my blog: Two Be Reading. A while ago, I saw a post over at A Book, A Thought (link here!), and I loved the idea! So now that we’re living together, it definitely made it easier. To no surprise, both of us had written notes about the books we chose for the other, and here are our choices!

tbr feb.jpg

My pile is on the right, my boyfriend’s on the left. We both chose Tess Of The Road for each other πŸ™‚ I can’t tell you a lot about the books that I chose because I don’t wanna spoil things for my boyfriend, so that’s what the series will be for! I asked him to maybe write down his thoughts down, so I could post about it and he loved the idea πŸ˜€ So hopefully, you’ll see those posts soon enough!

TV, movies, games

I also rewatched all the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes (for the 3rd time maybe?) and started my Lucifer rewatch. I mostly watch it when I need some background noise or something, since I’ve seen both series already.

I also downloaded Divinity: Original Sin II since my boyfriend downloaded it and it looked so awesome, I wanted to give it a try too! I really like the game, and it’s very beautifully made. The story is awesome so far, and I hope I can play it a lot, but I’m not sure since school is damn difficult at the moment.

And that’s actually all!

It’s quite a bit, but I hope you all enjoyed my January wrap-up πŸ™‚ Let me know what you did in January?

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