About me

Hello, it’s Luci speaking here. I’m just gonna introduce myself shortly, because that’s what you’re supposed to do, right? (I could easily just leave you guessing but I’ll be nice and share it anyway)

stars above selfie

(I could have been matching nails too but the galaxy nails I had the week before were almost gone already)

  • I used to read a lot but that kind of faded when my life got busy 😦 I do still read, but I’m not able to fit 10 books in one week any more though
  • I did go to college, but survived about 3 months and then dropped out thanks to my insomnia, anxiety and depression (I’m doing a lot better now though)
  • Currently working at a Subway restaurant as Sandwich Artist(tm), which is sometimes really shitty but my colleagues are nice and I’m able to pay rent and stuff so that’s nice. I do plan on going back to college though!
  • I used to watch a lot of TV shows (like 19 or something?) but these days I kind of need my 4 hours of sleep so I’m up to date with Brooklyn Nine Nine and Lucifer. Other than that, I’m watching Hannibal but it may take some time till I’m finished since I’m watching it with a friend and there’s not a lot of time to watch
  • This whole blog will be in English but it isn’t my native language (Dutch is, and it’s shitty because of grammar rules lol). If I make any mistakes, feel free to point them out!
  • I have a bookstagram, Twitter and Goodreads, and the links are generally at the end of every blog post (including this one 🙂 )
  • I’ve been thinking about making my own theme and I’m trying to learn how to code but I’m a little stuck at the moment

I hope you enjoy my blog and posts 🙂 I try to update regularly but it gets hard sometimes and I hope y’all are okay with that ❤


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