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Book Blitz: Ruinsong

Hey all! Today I’m posting as part of a Book Blitz Tour from Xpresso Book Tours of a book I haven’t yet read, but I do have a review copy ready to read for me!

Ruinsong is a book by Julia Ember and it’s got most of my likeable things in books: magic, a fantasy world and a world/kingdom divided where a difficult choice must be made. It sounds pretty damn good to me, and I’m looking forward to reading the book.

Title: Ruinsong

Author: Julia Ember

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Her voice was her prison…
Now it’s her weapon.

In a world where magic is sung, a powerful mage named Cadence must choose between the two. For years, she has been forced to torture her country’s disgraced nobility at her ruthless queen’s bidding.

But when she is reunited with her childhood friend, a noblewoman with ties to the underground rebellion, she must finally make a choice: Take a stand to free their country from oppression, or follow in the queen’s footsteps and become a monster herself.


The velvet curtain lifts, revealing two figures standing on the stage. One of them is Lord Durand, the queen’s confidant. I recognize him from last year. Papa says Durand is the architect of these Performings – the queen wanted vengeance on us, but it was he who proposed the method and honed it. As a reward, he was given a lordship and an estate, making him the only noble exempt from the horrors of the Opera Hall. 

The second figure, a girl, surprises me. The queen has always employed the same chantrix for the Performing: a fire-haired mage named Ava who wore her advancing age like a carefully chosen accessory. This girl looks so young, and she stands hunched, wringing her hands. She presses against the rear curtain as if looking for the first chance to run. She stares into the crowd with wide eyes that never stop moving. 

“She looks ready to faint,” Baron Foutain whispers. “Do you think that if the principal were to expire onstage, they’d just forget the whole thing and send us home?”

“Maybe we can sneak out in the shuffle,” I say. “Climb the balcony, steal the mage pins off some of those stewards, and bribe our way to freedom.”

“I like it.” The baron nods, his hazel eyes twinkling. He weighs his purse in his hand. “I’ve got a few coins to throw at this endeavor.” 

Lord Durand takes center stage and clears his throat. “Esteemed guests, on behalf of Her Majesty, I am humbled to present a new talent to you this evening. Our most gifted corporeal singer, and a delightful, exuberant mezzo-soprano.” 

He sweeps a low bow, but when he lifts his head, he’s smirking. The theatrics of it all make me sick. I fish another lemon drop out of my pouch. 

Still, the audience applauds politely. The queen will be here somewhere, watching the proceedings from behind the stage or concealed in one of the dark private viewing boxes above us. No one wants to be seen resisting. 

Durand beckons the new singer forward, and she creeps to him like a timid barn cat. There’s something I recognize in the shape of her nose, the curve of her pink rosebud mouth. She’s pretty, but in a fragile way, like a pressed flower in the pages of a book. She’s thin and white, with ivory skin and long blond hair styled into a sort of tiara. A green gown clings to her frame, her waist cinched by a shimmering corset inlaid with emeralds.  

Durand pushes her into the light. “Chantrix Cadence de la Roix,” he says, and I nearly choke on the lemon drop. “The jewel of Her Majesty’s academy, ready for her first season.”

I start to cough, but the baron isn’t paying attention to me anymore. Cadence de la Roix. I know that name. 

The one thing I am not too sure about is the sexual content in this book. Before I requested it, I hadn’t yet read the excerpts so I didn’t know, but once I’ve read it I’ll let you know my experiences!

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