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The ABC-Book-Challenge: R

Hi all! I’ve decided to do the ABC-Book_-Challenge too! I have been thinking for a while to find something to write next to my weekly reviews and I thought this might be fun πŸ™‚

I got the idea from Sofii @ A Book A Thought, so thank you! Like her, I don’t know the original creators so if you do, please let me know!

This week has been another busy week, and while the project is working kinda okay, the people I’m working with are actually not too terrible (which is great since last year was no fun at all honestly), but my other homework needs to be done as well, so I’m figuring out how to do both and still have me-time left.

However, my ABC-challenge is actually almost done, and although I’ve had fun, I won’t do it again, I think. During this challenge, I felt like I constantly needed to change the titles I posted, because I read new (sometimes better) books, and my TBR had to be adjusted, and honestly, nothing is more annoying than pulling up Goodreads every time, putting the books in alphabetical order, and scrolling till I found the letter I was working on ^^;

Anyhow, on with the actual post!

Memorable titles that start with the letter R

  • Radio Silence: a book that I wanted to read because I’d heard good things about it, and the story did get me curious. My boyfriend actually got me Solitaire and Radio Silence, and soon after I Was Born For This, and I devoured them in three nights. I love everything about those books.
  • Renegades: I’ll admit I’m a sucker for anything that Marissa Meyer writes ^^; I really loved Renegades (and Archenemies) and am now anxiously waiting for Supernova to be published! I wrote an excitement post about it here πŸ™‚

Books on my TBR that start with the letter R

If you’ve read any of those titles, please tell me your thoughts!

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