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Fun for Friday (20 Sept 19)

Hi all! I thought it would be fun to try this out, and I’ve looked online but as far as I could find, the name of this tag/meme doesn’t specifically exist yet. However, if I got it wrong, and it did already exist, please let me know because I don’t mean to steal original ideas!!

I know the idea of these posts have been done before, but most of those come on specific days, and some of those just.. don’t match my schedule at all 😦 So, why not make it myself? And here we are!

In this post, I’ll share with you what I’ve been reading, watching, playing and doing in the past week, what I’m hoping to do in the upcoming weekend, and I’m hoping to interact with you all, because I’d love to know what you’re doing as well!

What I’ve been….


For the preparation of Five Dark Fates (which is coming my way soon!! Eek!!! I’m so excited!) I’m rereading the series. I want to enjoy the last book in this amazing series to the fullest, and since I’ve only read it last year, sometime before Two Dark Reigns came out, it’s time to refresh my memory! I sped through Three Dark Crowns, and read One Dark Throne, but thanks to school starting, I’m not going so fast.. 😦 So I’m currently still reading Two Dark Reigns, slowly making my way to the last book, which I both want and don’t want..


Besides the always-on-during-dinner when the kid’s not here Brooklyn Nine-Nine (ah, so good ❀ I’ve watched it like 5 times now and still love it so much. We recently got season 6 so finally watching that too! I’ve also started watching Merlin sometime during the last week of summer break and I’m really enjoying it! The special effects are very early-2000’s-like, but the story evolves really well!


We’ve also watched Spiderman: Far From Home during summer break, and it was amazing. I might start watching and reviewing Marvel movies, as I’ve wanted to since… well, a long time ago ^^; but I’d have to rewatch them all and well.. time xD


We bought the Keyforge: Age of Ascension game a while ago, and it has all the elements that Magic: The Gathering didn’t have, so we’re definitely loving that one! I’ve also been playing Divinity: Original Sin I & IIΒ (link goes to Divinity II) on my laptop, and I love those games. They’re fantasy RPG games, and the choices you make (like accidentally killing someone #oops) actually change the story you’re playing! The graphic are well, not as good as say The Witcher III but also really not bad! It’s also turn-based, which is one of my most-loved elements of video games haha.



Well, school’s started so I’ve been mostly doing homework again, not surprising at all. But, last year I had at least one monthly breakdown and I’ve cried multiple times each month as well, and I’ve been under so much pressure (99% from myself, no worries) and stress that the first few weeks of summer break were just.. staring and not-believing that I was done. And, I realized I had exactly zero (0) hobbies left and hated it. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t have any motivation for anything, and it sucked balls.

Luckily, I did read a lot of books, went on some super nice vacations, but I just don’t wanna turn into that person again. So, this year I’m trying to do most of my homework during the week and keep most of the weekend free for family-time.

So far, it’s difficult, but going alright-ish. I’ve been mostly having free time in the weekends, and only did homework in the evening sometimes and when I was home alone, so there’s that.

Upcoming weekend!

This weekend, we want to visit my mom, and Sunday, we always go to my boyfriend’s parents (who live just above us in the flat), and other than that, nothing. Last weekend has been really busy with going away and everything, so we’re hoping this weekend will be nice and calm.

How did your week look like? What plans do you have for the upcoming weekend? What are you reading this week?

Let me know all! I hope to finally begin Five Dark Fates (and probably lose a night’s sleep on it ^^; ), did anyone read it yet? I’m looking forward to your thoughts on it!

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