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The ABC-Book-Challenge: M

Hi all! I’ve decided to do the ABC-Book_-Challenge too! I have been thinking for a while to find something to write next to my weekly reviews and I thought this might be fun 🙂

I got the idea from Sofii @ A Book A Thought, so thank you! Like her, I don’t know the original creators so if you do, please let me know!


Memorable titles that start with the letter M

  • The Martian: a book that took me by surprise. I loved this book, and I never knew what would happen right until the last page, it was fantastic.
  • Maya und Domenico: an original German book that’s been translated to Dutch. I loved this whole series as a kid and will definitely reread them sometime to bring back the feeling of me and my sister just fangirling over them.
  • Mythos: give me some books about mythology and I’m sold. This one by Stephen Fry was especially fantastic, because, well, Fry, but also because of the way he is telling them. He is using metaphors and comparisons from the current world, and it makes all amazing.
  • The Mechenical: this is a book that I’ve originally had on my TBR but did read in between of writing and posting and it’s done a lot with my mind. It’s quite difficult to explain it without spoiling, but it’s on my list of Reviews-To-Come. It’s definitely a book that’s made me think about certain things in life.

Books on my TBR that start with the letter M

If you’ve read any of those titles, please tell me your thoughts!

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