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On The Horizon: Renegades #3

Hi all! Today I bring you a new feature on my blog, called On The Horizon! My boyfriend came up with the name (honestly he’s got some amazing ideas and my head is just.. empty all the time), and this is the category for books that haven’t been published yet.

Today is all for the Renegades series by Marissa Meyer! I’m a huge Meyer fan, I loved The Lunar Chronicles, and I devoured Heartless within a day. I read Renegades last year, and Archenemies as soon as it got out and just last Thursday, the title for book 3 has been announced:



I am definitely excited, and I’ll pre-order as soon as it’s available!


I really wonder how the book will be, since the title implies that Nova is a “good” person. However, she’s still with the Anarchists… is she..?? GOD I don’t know and I gotta wait another 9 months till I can find out!

Did you read the previous Renegades books? Do you have any idea how the trilogy will end?

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