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January wrap-up & Beyond The Books

Hi all! Today’s Friday and we’re actually already a week into February, but I haven’t really had time to post yet. So, here it is, my wrap-up and all the other things I’ve done in January! This post is a bit late since I usually post in the morning (this timezone at least), but it’s been a hell of a day and I’ll be happy if I can go to bed tonight.

I got ill

Well, let’s start with the best, shall we? On New Year’s Eve (at 3am, after the celebrations), I got sick and I’ve been sick for the whole month. I stayed in bed for two weeks, feeling miserable, and then I had a week of exams. Since I couldn’t really study when I was sick, I didn’t expect to pass any of them, but surprisingly enough I passed all but two! Now, at my college, you have a second chance for every exam you take, so after that week, I passed all of them. I also lost my voice for an entire week, and at the moment, it’s gone again and I just keep wondering why it’s coming back, I’m sleeping, I’m eating fruits and vegetables, and I don’t do anything extremely unhealthy, as far as I know. But I’ll see.

But I read books!

And I actually read 4 books, which might not seem like a lot but it’s quite the bit considering my illness and studying xD

The first two were books that I chose myself and the last two are chosen by my boyfriend, which I’ll tell you later about. Alice In Wonderland is this beautiful edition that I got for my birthday!

I turned 21!

Yes. I feel very adult (haha absolutely not). For my birthday, I got a lot of presents, mostly including things for books or baking, my family knows me well xD From my boyfriend, I got this super awesome book box. Best thing about it: it’s handmade! He said he wanted to order me one, because he heard me talking about them, but he wasn’t sure if I already had the book inside, and besides, shipping costs to the Netherlands are A LOT. So, instead, he made me my own, and I love it so much!

Isn’t it the most awesome thing you’ve seen? it’s got cute jewelry, and temporary tattoos, and a teaholder in the shape of a book and it’s all so awesome! ❀ On the right, there’s my birthday presents that I got from everyone.


I bought books?Β 

books bought january.jpg

As far as I remember (I’m terrible at this), these are the only ones I actually bought! Now, being sick doesn’t help, I know, but I’m quite disappointed in this haha.


I moved in with my boyfriend!!

On January 5th, I officially moved in with my boyfriend. After almost a year of being in one house on the weekends and in my apartment during the week (because of school), and being not sure which books to take where to, and sometimes it was easier to be in the other place, and mostly it was a lot of extra travel and worries that I didn’t need. So, I moved in with my boyfriend, and it has been a stressful day, but in the end, everything got here okay πŸ™‚ All my books are in one place, I have my desk in the office that we specifically made to study, and all is going well πŸ™‚


Two Be Reading

A new thing I want to show you guys is the new thing on my blog: Two Be Reading. A while ago, I saw a post over at A Book, A Thought (link here!), and I loved the idea! So now that we’re living together, it definitely made it easier. To no surprise, both of us had written notes about the books we chose for the other, and here are our choices!

tbr feb.jpg

My pile is on the right, my boyfriend’s on the left. We both chose Tess Of The Road for each other πŸ™‚ I can’t tell you a lot about the books that I chose because I don’t wanna spoil things for my boyfriend, so that’s what the series will be for! I asked him to maybe write down his thoughts down, so I could post about it and he loved the idea πŸ˜€ So hopefully, you’ll see those posts soon enough!

TV, movies, games

I also rewatched all the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes (for the 3rd time maybe?) and started my Lucifer rewatch. I mostly watch it when I need some background noise or something, since I’ve seen both series already.

I also downloaded Divinity: Original Sin II since my boyfriend downloaded it and it looked so awesome, I wanted to give it a try too! I really like the game, and it’s very beautifully made. The story is awesome so far, and I hope I can play it a lot, but I’m not sure since school is damn difficult at the moment.

And that’s actually all!

It’s quite a bit, but I hope you all enjoyed my January wrap-up πŸ™‚ Let me know what you did in January?

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6 thoughts on “January wrap-up & Beyond The Books

  1. Luci! I love that you and your boyfriend have chosen a TBR for the other. I love that kind of things, and I’m glad you liked my post πŸ€— . I wish you good luck with this new adventure of living with your boyfriend, darling and I hope you have a great month! πŸ’•

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