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Book review: Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles 2)

Hello there! I’ve had a quite busy week, and my internet is acting all crappy so a lot of posts will probably be posted somewhere around this weekend (I hope), when everything’s good again. My drafts won’t save sometimes, images won’t upload, and my posts also fail to publish, so I’m wondering how this will go. However, I read Scarlet (a week ago already), and I absolutely loved it!

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Title: Scarlet

Author: Marissa Meyer

Goodreads link: Scarlet


Summary: Scarlet Benoit’s grand-mère has gone missing, and Scarlet is sure she can get her back.She teams up with Wolf, a street fighter who might have more information. However nice he seems, sometimes he acts all weird but Scarlet would do anything to get her grand-mère back. Meanwhile, at the other side of the world, Cinder is unraveling another mystery concerning the Lunar queen Levana and the lost princess. When Cinder and Scarlet cross paths, a lot becomes clear. Now, the only thing they have to do is so stay ahead of Queen Levana, who’s attacking all over the kingdom to force Prince Kai to marry her.

Oh man, this book was even better than the first one. Throughout the book I hoped Cinder and Scarlet would meet soon, but when they finally did, the setting made it the most perfect moment of all.

Scarlet could very well be me, and even though she doesn’t make the smartest decisions sometimes, she’s quite the girl. She knows when to push buttons and I loved what she did to get her grand-mère.

Wolf was a weird character in the beginning, I didn’t really know what to think of him and he didn’t exactly seem nice either. However, he helped Scarlet and that seemed enough. Keyword: seemed. After a while, I began to understand what the whole thing was with Wolf and his moments, and it bothered me a little bit that Scarlet didn’t seem to get it at all… However, they’re cute together!

Cinder got all awesome with her new hand, and the way she handled things. I actually laughed out loud sometimes, when she reacted to something Thorne said when it was completely obvious he didn’t mean it or something.

Thorne is a whole other kind of character, and I loved him right from the beginning. He knew how to deal with Cinder, and he’s funny and I kind of want Cinder and Thorne together..

Another thing is Queen Levana, after reading this book I got really curious for her story, what happened exactly that made her this way?

Overall, this book was amazing and even if you didn’t like Cinder, I’d recommend this one. Unlike a lot of other series, this book is totally different from the first one, mainly because the main characters are completely different!

Have you read this book or series? Tell me, do the other books also get better and better? 


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