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Book review: Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles 1)

I read this book in almost one sitting, because I had to work in between reading 😛

Title: Cinder

Author: Marissa Meyer

Goodreads link: Cinder


Summary: Cinder is a cyborg, gifted with mechanic skills. She became a cyborg around the age of 11, and she doesn’t remember anything about her life before that.The only thing she knows is that she came from somewhere in Europe and soon after her stepfather adopted her, he died. She now lives with her stepmother, Adri, and stepsisters, Pearl and Peony. She works, but the income goes directly to Adri, and other than that, she is mostly used for fixing things. Peony is the only one who actually likes and talks to Cinder. Luckily, Cinder has her android Iko, who gets her through everything. When one day she comes in contact with Prince Kai, Cinder knows there is a spark between them, but denies it. She is just a cyborg and he is the Prince, about to be emperor. Besides, Prince Kai’s father is currently dying of letumosis, an illness with no cure. When Peony gets infected too, Adri blames Cinder and sends her to the lab of the palace to have her checked. There, they discover a secret about her. A secret that could get her killed.

I’ve read this book before (as I have with many) and I didn’t remember anything of it (as I have with many 😛 ) so I decided it was time for a reread. And man, what a reread it was. This book was really awesome, even though I remembered the huge plot twist at the end of the book.

Cinder is amazing, and I have lots of respect for her. The way she dealt with things was almost exactly how I’d have reacted in some situations. When Peony got sick, I actually felt my heart break because I knew how this would end.

Prince Kai handled things really well, even after the death of his father. I didn’t agree with his decisions at the end of the book (of course), but other than that, I’m glad he actually kissed her. I actually almost felt sorry for him when Cinder kept denying his invitations for the royal ball, it was sad haha.

Iko is something I’d want to have for myself as well. She seems really sweet and funny, and it would be extremely awesome to have an android helping you with everything and just being with you.

Queen Levana is an interesting person, and as far as I know, there’s a book about her story. If not, I hope some of it is in the other books in this series!

Overall, I really liked this book and I can’t wait to read the second! The characters were really strong and the story kept getting more and more interesting 🙂

Have you read this book? What did you think? 


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